New media: TransWorld Surf Xbox

Infogrames releases new screenshots from its surfing game for the Xbox.


TransWorld Surf

TransWorld Surf is the third game so far in the new TransWorld series for the Microsoft Xbox. Players can choose from 13 surfing pros including Rochelle Ballard, Shawn Barron, Taj Burrow, Jason Collins, Tim Curran, Shane Dorian, Christian Fletcher, Andy Irons, Tylor Knox, Cory Lopez, Dan Malloy, Fred Pattachia, and Chris Ward. In total, there will be over 10 real-world locations including Todo Santos (Baja California, Mexico), Huntington Beach (California), Pipeline and Backdoor (Hawaii), Hossegor (France), Kirra Point (Australia), Jeffries Bay (South Africa), Witches Rock (Costa Rica), Tavarua (Fiji), G-Land (East Java, Indonesia), Teahupoo (Tahiti), and a secret bonus location that has not been revealed yet.

An interesting gameplay inclusion is the so-called karma meter. It affects random gameplay factors if you interact with things like other surfers, photographers, body boarders, dolphins, and so on. If the karma meter is low, shark attacks are possible. Like in the other TransWorld games, it's the player's goal to get on the cover of the TransWorld magazine. To get there, players need to grind on boats, shoot piers, and tag rocks. If players get the top score, they can open new levels and secret breaks.

TransWorld Surf is currently scheduled for release in early 2002 on the Xbox.

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