New Media: TransWorld Skateboarding

Infogrames releases several new screenshots from this exclusive Xbox game.


TransWorld Skateboarding

Infogrames has released new screenshots from and information on TransWorld Skateboarding for the Microsoft Xbox. In the game, players can skate through large real-world environments based in such locations as Barcelona, Rio, Vancouver, London, New York, Los Angeles, and a multi-level indoor skate parks--there will be 10 levels in all. As they maneuver through these varied locations players must perform tricks, while dodging traffic and pedestrians, and evading security guards and the police. The objective is to make it into TransWorld magazine, by setting off fire hydrants, knocking over tables, slamming phone boxes, grinding cars, smashing windshields, and generally wrecking havoc.

Aside from the levels based in real-world cities, the game will also include twelve professional skateboarders, including Brian Anderson, Bob Burnquist, Kenny Hughes, Rick McCrank, Colin McKay, Mike Vallely, Heath Kirchart, Matt Mumford, Arto Saari, Daewon Song, Danny Way, and Jeremy Wray. TransWorld Skateboarding will be released exclusively for the Microsoft Xbox in early 2002. It is being developed by Barking Dog Studios.

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