New media: Super Monkey Ball

The monkeys land on the GameCube for the console's Japanese launch. See new videos and screens inside.


Super Monkey Ball
Nintendo has launched the GameCube console in Japan, and alongside it Sega has released Super Monkey Ball. The gameplay and visuals in the game live up to its outrageous title, as evidenced by our latest batch of direct-feed videos and screenshots. Super Monkey Ball borrows various elements from games such as Marble Madness. In it, players must tilt floating platforms to guide a monkey inside a plastic ball to the goal, while collecting as many bananas as possible. Aside from this general gameplay system, there are also a variety of minigames, including one where players must bowl using a so-called monkey ball. Super Monkey Ball will also be a North American launch game for the GameCube. We will have more details, including updated hands-on impressions, soon.

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