New media: Stuntman

Infogrames releases media from Stuntman. Check out new screens from the game.



Reflections Interactive, creator of the popular Driver series, is working on a stunt driving game appropriately titled Stuntman for the Sony PlayStation 2. Although the game was originally announced last summer, an updated build was shown recently at Infogrames' Editors Day. In the game, players assume the role of stuntmen in a variety of film productions. They must perform a wide range of stunts, including perfectly timed jumps, barrel rolls, and T-bone smashes, among others, in order to move on to the next film. There are six primary levels--each a movie set--in the game's story mode. Set in real-world locations, they are Switzerland, Monaco, Louisiana, London, Egypt, and Bangkok. Accompanying the story mode is the so-called stunt arena, which is essentially the game's arcade mode. Here players can practice their stunts and even create their own stunt courses with bonus items such as ramps and explosives. Additionally, the game features a variety of replicas based on real-world vehicles. Knockoffs of Aston Martins and the Shelby Cobra are featured in the game--players can even operate a rickshaw in the Bangkok level.

The game's developer plans to include special DVD features in its final release. Although specifics regarding these peripheral features haven't been officially discussed, special replays, a "making of" video, and a preview of the upcoming Driver 3 should be included. Published by Infogrames, Stuntman will be released on the PS2 in Q2 2002. GameSpot will have more as it becomes available.

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