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3DO Europe has announced Shifters for that territory and has released new screenshots from the game.


The European arm of The 3DO Company has announced that it will release its PS2 game Shifters in that territory in November. The game is currently on schedule for release in North America in Q4 2001. In the game, players can shape-shift into more than 24 different characters, depending on the paths they choose while adventuring through the game's three diverse worlds. Each of the characters has extremely varied characteristics. For example, the genie can fly and pass through solid objects, while the undead can cast proximity spells that turn any living creature into solid stone. Shifters is staged across 30 different levels, each with unique challenges, dangers, and creatures. Players are thrust into a quest to uncover the unseen evil manipulating their destiny. "Good" and "evil" will both be evident throughout the world, and players will make choices that ultimately affect the outcome of the story.

The 3DO Company also promises in-depth character development during the course of the game, including combat training, spellcasting, and on-the-fly armor changes, all of which affect actual gameplay. In total, the player will come across 30 different creatures to combat and interact with.

We'll have more info on Shifters soon.

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