New media: Robocop

Titus releases several new screenshots highlighting the first-person gameplay in its upcoming PS2 game.


Titus Interactive has released several new screenshots from its upcoming PlayStation 2 game based on the Robocop films. The first-person shooter lets players assume the role of Robocop on a mission to stop the sinister OCP Corporation, which plans to wipe out all the cyborgs in the futuristic Detroit depicted in the game. Robocop will include 15 different missions, and players must investigate a variety of locations including inner-city slums and high-rise office buildings. Along the way, they'll have access to a wide range of weapons and will face a variety of human and robotic foes.

Titus promises movielike cutscenes and advanced lighting, fog, and smoke effects in the game. Robocop will be released for the PlayStation 2 this November.

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