New media: Rage of the Dragons

Developer Evoga releases new movies from the successor to Double Dragon for the NeoGeo.


Rage of the Dragons

Developer Evoga has posted three new movies of Rage of the Dragons on its official Web site. The three new movies show off the game's how-to-play screen, its juggle and combo system (which includes a separate chain-combo mode for lengthy chains), and an example of the game's tag-team super-attack system. We've also posted three older gameplay movies that the developer had previously posted.

Rage of the Dragons will be a 2D fighting game for the NeoGeo arcade hardware, which is currently being supported by Japanese company Playmore. The game will be the spiritual successor to the original Double Dragon fighting game that appeared on the NeoGeo in the early '90s, and although the game will primarily be a one-on-one fighter, it will let players choose two-character tag teams that can be swapped in and out at will, as well as perform team-based super attacks.

Rage of the Dragons is currently scheduled for release on the NeoGeo hardware later this year.

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