New media: NASCAR Thunder 2002 PS2

EA Sports releases new screenshots from its fully licensed NASCAR game for the PlayStation 2.


NASCAR Thunder 2002

At its Camp EA event yesterday, EA Sports released new screenshots from NASCAR Thunder for the PlayStation 2. As a continuation of the company's NASCAR series, Thunder includes a healthy amount of upgrades when compared with last year's game. For the first time in the franchise's history, all 43 cars will be included in each race. In addition, all drivers and tracks from the NASCAR circuit will be included. Also new this year are the career and create-a-car modes, which will allow players to immerse themselves in the NASCAR experience over multiple seasons. The developmental duties have been handed over to Tiburon, the same development studio behind the Madden series. Cars will now display damage that affects their performance, and body parts may dislodge and strike other vehicles on the track. Electronic Arts is particularly proud of the game's improved driver AI. Drivers will act just as they do in real NASCAR races, making their tendencies both predictable and realistic.

NASCAR Thunder for the PlayStation 2 is currently scheduled for release at the end of this year. We'll have more information when it becomes available.

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