New media: Madden NFL 2002 GameCube

EA Sports releases new screenshots from the first installment of the Madden franchise for Nintendo's upcoming console.


Madden NFL 2002

EA Sports has released new screenshots from Madden NFL 2002 for the GameCube. According to EA Sports, the game is being ported over from the PlayStation 2 with a wealth of improvements. Players will be built with more polygons, computer AI will be drastically improved, and facial textures will be more lifelike.

Reports have sprung up on the Web that the GameCube version of Madden will feature a stripped-down season mode due to the small amount of storage space available on the GameCube's memory cards. Electronic Arts stated that the reports have been overblown and that the only features to be cut will be meaningless statistics such as tackles for players who usually play offense--like quarterbacks. Madden NFL 2002 will be released alongside the launch of the GameCube November 5.

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