New media: Jurassic Park Survival

Universal is bringing Jurassic Park to the PlayStation 2. See new screens from the game.


Universal Interactive Studios recently sent over several new screenshots from its upcoming PlayStation 2 action game Jurassic Park Survival. Although slated for release alongside the home video release of Jurassic Park III, the game will present an entirely new storyline that will work in unison with the action-adventure gameplay system. It plays from a third-person perspective and will incorporate elements of direct action, but it will also involve subtle puzzle elements. For example, players can indirectly dispose of human enemies by luring dinosaurs into their basic vicinity. Stealth- and vehicle-based action will also come into play.

Savage Entertainment, whose members have worked on such games as MechWarrior, Heavy Gear, and Pitfall 3D, is developing Jurassic Park Survival.

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