New media: Jet Set Radio Future

Sega's Smilebit has released a direct feed of Jet Set Radio Future's E3 video.


Smilebit has released a direct-feed version of its E3 video for Jet Set Radio Future on its Web site. The sequel to the cel-shaded Dreamcast original will boast a wealth of improvements for the Xbox version. In addition to vastly improved graphics, the Xbox version will include a revamped trick system that will allow for multiplayer combos as well as both competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes.

Slightly altered versions of several of the characters from the original game will return for the sequel including Beat, Tab, and Gum. Little is currently known about Jet Set Radio Future, but more information should be forthcoming. Jet Set Radio Future is currently scheduled for release shortly after the launch of the Xbox in early November.

Click here and scroll down to view the direct-feed video.

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