New media: Gunmetal

Rage sends us a group of screenshots from its upcoming Xbox third-person shooter.


Rage Software sent us a group of new screenshots from Gunmetal, its futuristic third-person shooter for the Microsoft Xbox. In the game, players will control a powerful mech capable of transforming into an advanced jet fighter. They will fight a desperate war against an army of dangerous enemies in order to save their civilization from extinction.

The game will feature a wide variety of weaponry, including innovative systems such as independently aimed twin pistols. Players can transform from the powerful mech into the agile jet fighter at any point in the game, and they can walk, run, jetpack, or fly across the landscape. The game will include interactive environments that can be altered by scorching the earth, crushing rocks, toppling trees, and destroying buildings. Enemy units will range from mere foot soldiers to enormous battle fortresses.

Gunmetal is scheduled for release near the end of 2001.

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