New media: Grand Theft Auto 3

New screenshots from Grand Theft Auto 3 focuses on the game's Mafia organizations.


DMA Design has updated the fictional Liberty Tree newspaper on its Web site with three new screenshots from Grand Theft Auto 3. The screenshots highlight members of the Leone and Cipriani family, which are two of the Mafia crime organizations in the game. Grand Theft Auto 3 is the first 3D installment in the series, and although it attempts to maintain the same feel as the first two games, it features a variety of new elements. For example, the type of vehicle the player commandeers can dictate the missions they partake in. Hijacking a cab will let the player pick up customers, while seizing a police car leads to law enforcement missions.

Grand Theft Auto 3 will be published by Rockstar Games and released in October for the Sony PlayStation 2. A Microsoft Xbox version is also in development.

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