New media: Giants

With the release of Giants for the PS2 only weeks away, Interplay releases new media from the game.


Interplay Entertainment has released new media from Giants: Citizen Kabuto for the Sony PlayStation 2. The game, which is already available on the PC platform, is being enhanced both in terms of graphics and gameplay during the conversion for the PS2. On the PS2, each of the character models is being built using a greater number of polygons. For example, each Kabuto character model on the PC was composed of 5,000 polygons, while on the PS2 they will be made up of approximately 6,000 polygons. The game's environments will also be smoother and more organic on the PS2, and a variety of new particle effects have been added to that version of the game.

In terms of gameplay, a variety of specific strategy elements, including base building and giving orders to allies, have been simplified and streamlined for the console version. Additionally, a new auto-aim feature will be added to the game. According to Interplay, these changes should make the game faster and more action-oriented.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto will be released for the PS2 in October.

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