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Interplay brought an updated build of its upcoming PS2 port of Giants: Citizen Kabuto by the GameSpot offices today. As reported at E3, several aspects of the game will benefit from slight design changes, making the PS2's Giants more twitch-oriented than the original PC game. Essentially, the game we saw today was identical to the one we played at E3, from a gameplay standpoint--it still moved fast, and it put a great deal of focus on constant action. Graphically, however, the game was far more polished than it was at E3. The textures were sharper, the models were fuller, and the frame rate was significantly more consistent. There was a good deal of colored lighting present, which did much to imbue the world with life. This current build also benefited from an improved resolution setting--the game is currently running at 640x448, with Digital Mayhem's goal being 640x480.

For more information on the PS2 version of Giants: Citizen Kabuto, check out our previous coverage of the game. Stay tuned for a full preview next week.

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