New media: Fortress GBA

Majesco's addictive puzzle-action game Fortress on its way to the Game Boy Advance, and we have a ton of new screenshots.


Fortress (2001)

Majesco is currently putting the final touches on its fast-paced puzzle game Fortress. The game is one of 10 titles that Majesco has in its lineup for the Game Boy Advance. Fortress is a fast-paced action strategy game where players need to build a fortress with bricks and equip it with weapons in an all-out war. A variety of weapons are available in the game. Rocks serve as the primary Stone Age weapons, cannons are the medieval weapons of choice, while the game's sci-fi world of tomorrow features plasma projectiles. As combat ensues, a variety of humorous twerp (helper) characters aid in the repair of the players' fortress, and players must unlock the secrets of the Wizard's Tower and unleash the power of its monsters. Adding to the single-player mode, the game also lets players use the GBA link cable to compete in a head-to-head multiplayer mode that supports up to four players.

Fortress is scheduled for a release on September 21. It will be published by Majesco in the US and by THQ in Europe and Asia.

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