New media: F1 2001 PS2

EA releases new screenshots from its F1 game for the PlayStation 2.


EA has released new screenshots from the PlayStation 2 version of F1 2001. The main developmental focus for F1 2001 has been computer AI. Computer-controlled cars will act much more intelligently than in previous F1 games, resulting in multiple passes in each lap. The game will include plenty of dynamic offtrack environments. Crew members will flash signs of warning, crowds will stand up and cheer as players pass, and race marshals will wave a variety of flags to alert players to happenings on the track. The weather system has been drastically improved for this year's installment. In order to succeed in inclement weather, players will have to pit their car for new tires. The crowd also reacts to adverse weather by using umbrellas. Communication with the pit crew is essential to monitoring the performance of the car and changing track conditions.

EA has secured the F1 license, so all drivers, cars, and tracks will be included in the game, and highlight packages will be available for viewing at the conclusion of each race. F1 2001 is currently scheduled for release at the end of this year. We'll have more when it becomes available.

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