New media: Extermination

Sony releases more screenshots from and more information on its upcoming PlayStation 2 action title.


Sony has released new screenshots from and character information on its upcoming PlayStation 2 action title, Extermination. Extermination plays similarly to survival-horror titles like Resident Evil, and its story centers upon three main characters sent to investigate a communications breakdown at an isolated military outpost.

Cindy Chen is an Asian-American whose boyfriend, Andrew, was killed in active duty for the US Marines. Cindy blames another main character, Dennis Riley, for Andrew's death, because Andrew died while covering Dennis on a top secret mission. Dennis was a troublemaker until his parents suddenly died. He then joined the Marines, where he became part of its special red-light team with Andrew. Another character, Roger Grigman grew up extremely poor and turned to the Marines as a way to contribute to his country. He constantly wonders if Andrew would still be alive if he himself had been covering Dennis instead. As a twist to the plot, Dennis secretly loved Cindy when she was dating Andrew, but Andrew's untimely death prevents him from expressing his emotions to Cindy.

Extermination currently has no scheduled release date. Look for more on Extermination as soon as we receive it.

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