New media: Dragon Warrior Monsters 2

Enix releases new video and screenshots from its monster-breeding game for the Game Boy Color.


Enix has released several new movies and screenshots from Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 for the Game Boy Color. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 will release as two separate games that follow a brother and sister named Cobi and Tara. Similar to Nintendo's Pokemon games, each title follows the same basic storyline but features monsters specific to each. Monsters found in Cobi's game are less likely to be found in Tara's game and vice versa. The story this time finds the two leads moving to the island of Great Log with their monster-ranching family. Unfortunately, the island's prince, Kameha, and his sidekick, Warubou--a familiar face from the original DWM--don't appreciate the new arrivals. As a result of Kameha and Warubou's antisocial behavior, Great Log begins to sink, sending Cobi and Tara off in search of magic keys that have the ability to save the island.

Linking the two separate versions of the game together will open up new secrets, monsters, and worlds. Both Cobi and Tara will have their own unique abilities and worlds to explore. There will be more than 300 different types of monsters from 11 different monster families, and players can trade monsters with friends. Players may even go head-to-head against a friend to see whose monster is the most powerful. There will also be a team battle mode that allows players and their friends to take on teams of monsters controlled by the computer.

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