New media: Devil May Cry

Two new trailer videos show new characters and moves from Capcom's highly-anticipated action game.


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As the Japanese release of Capcom's Devil May Cry approaches, the company has released new trailers for the game. Several of the scenes and moves shown--such as the ability to shoot while jumping--are from the final demo version of the game, which was released recently in Japan. However, there are some never-before-seen footage and characters shown in the videos. Shinji Mikami and Hideki Kamiya, the original producer and director of Resident Evil 2, have been reunited for the project. Their goal was to create a game that is stylistic in its presentation and visuals, with entertaining, fast-paced gameplay. In the game, there are three primary classes of enemies. They are demonic marionettes, death, and phantoms. The marionettes are low-class demons and are seen in the early stages of the game, the death beings can hover in the air and travel through walls, and the phantoms are high-level demons that are generally the bosses in the game.

Devil May Cry will be released on August 23 in Japan. Its North American release is currently set for the fall. GameSpot will have more in the coming weeks.

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