New media: Comanche 4

Take a look at a dozen new movies and lots of new screenshots of Novalogic's upcoming helicopter combat game.


Novalogic recently sent us a playable build of its upcoming helicopter combat simulation game, Comanche 4. The game features the Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66, the US Army's advanced armed reconnaissance helicopter. It contains a variety of missions, including reconnaissance, ground attack, and air-to-air combat scenarios, and it focuses on action rather than technical flying so players can concentrate on combat.

Comanche 4 is nearing completion at Novalogic, and it is scheduled for release later this month. We've posted a new group of screenshots in the gallery above and a group of new movies showing the game in action on our Comanche 4 524279movies page . For more information, take a look at our in-depth preview of the game.

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