New Media: C-12

Sony Cambridge is known for its successful MediEvil series. Now it takes on a postapocalyptic future in its last PlayStation game, C-12. We bring you new screens and a brand-new movie.


Sony Cambridge is mostly known for its humorous action-adventure games MediEvil and MediEvil 2. In its latest PlayStation game, the company leaves ancient Sir Dan Fortesque for a postapocalyptic future following an alien invasion, where the player assumes the role of Lieutenant Vaughan. He is the only hope for civilization, as aliens have turned people into cyborgs, and now it's up to the player to set things right again.

The new screenshots show detailed environments, as well as an atmosphere resembling Metal Gear Solid's foggy levels. The game features mutated enemies and aliens, and the player must use the game's sniper mode and weapons such as C4 explosives to advance. In the movie, you'll see many of the action-oriented scenarios in the game.

C-12 is Sony Cambridge's final game for the PlayStation, and it's set for a release around Easter 2001.

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