New media: Air Force Delta Storm

Konami's Xbox flight-combat game is looking quite impressive. Check out new screenshots from the game.


Konami has sent over a handful of stunning new screenshots from Air Force Delta Storm for the Microsoft Xbox. The game will include more than 50 airplanes, including current air force models and a host of concept fighters. Subtle visual effects, such as flaps moving up and down as the plane changes direction, the engine cycle opening for Afterburn, and light reflecting off the plane's canopy, add to the game's overall graphical quality. AFD Storm will feature 50 different missions, with objectives ranging from dogfighting and ground bombardment to escort duties. Two different types of controls are available in the game. Seasoned flight-sim fans will enjoy the expert mode, while newcomers can get painlessly acclimated with the game in the novice mode.

Air Force Delta Storm's development has been progressing smoothly, as evidenced by these latest screens. The game will be released for the November 8 launch of the Xbox.

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