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New Medal of Honor confirmed

Executive producer Greg Goodrich reveals hinted-at sequel is indeed in the works.


When Medal of Honor was released last October, EA was a little worried by its less-than-stellar reviews. (The critical scores were actually blamed for the megapublisher's stock price slipping.) However, four months later, the game has shipped more than 5 million units, making it a bona fide hit.

A new Medal of Honor has now been confirmed.
A new Medal of Honor has now been confirmed.

So it should come as little surprise, then, that a second Medal of Honor is in the works. The sequel is being once again developed by Danger Close Games, the sub-studio of Electronic Arts' Los Angeles campus. In a post on the official Medal of Honor website, executive producer Greg Goodrich announced the sequel, which had been hinted at by a job listing last month.

And that's about all that is known about the game, which is a follow-up to a title that touted its realism over the over-the-top atmosphere of recent Call of Duty games. The older title, which rebooted the formerly World War II-set franchise, was set during the early days of the still-ongoing Afghan War, giving a possible clue to the sequel's location. The game followed Tier 1 Operators, the elite commando group that was at the forefront of the US invasion of Afghanistan. Many of the levels were based on real-life battles or enemy engagements, and the game was made with the input of real-life ex-Tier 1 Operators and the US Army.

For more information on the most recent Medal of Honor, check out GameSpot's review.

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