New Massive Assault scenarios available releases new scenarios for its futuristic strategy game and announces its intention to release a patch in the near future.

Comments has today released 12 new scenarios for its futuristic strategy game Massive Assault. Released in North America in October, Massive Assault has been criticized for being too difficult, and so the new scenarios have deliberately been designed to be a little easier than those included in the original game.

"It has been stated by the reviewers and confirmed by some players that Massive Assault may be a bit challenging for the beginners due to some pretty hard scenarios and flawless AI," said Victor Kislyi, president of "We have composed this easy pack to let novice players get involved quicker, while the experienced players will get a few extra hours of fun."

The new scenarios can be downloaded from the official Massive Assault Web site. has also announced that it plans to address the game's difficulty level in an upcoming patch that will not only speed up the AI calculations, but also make the difficulty level adjustable.

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