New Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Features Multiplayer Gameplay

Short video features preorder exclusive content.

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Now Playing: Mass Effect: Andromeda - Preorder Multiplayer Trailer

EA has released a new video for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Although it is intended to show off the bonuses that you can get for preordering the game, we're also given a brief look at some combat gameplay from BioWare's upcoming RPG.

The preorder bonuses include the Deep Space Explorer armor for protagonist Ryder, a special skin for the Nomad vehicle, and a booster pack for Andromeda's multiplayer mode. Based on the video, it seems this booster will allow you to accrue experience and level up a little quicker.

The aforementioned gameplay looks to be from the multiplayer and show characters using Biotic powers. At one point a Krogan is shown doing a ground pound. As noted in the trailer, the footage is captured in engine and "representative of the game experience." Check out the video above.

BioWare hasn't shared many details about Mass Effect: Andromeda's multiplayer mode, but it looks to be similar to Mass Effect 3's, which involved players battling against waves of AI-controlled enemies. Weapons and items delivered through loot boxes could be used to customise characters and make them more powerful.

Andromeda launches on March 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Last month, EA released a new cinematic trailer that showed off some of the teammate characters and the bad guy, Archon--watch it here. For more on the trailer and another new one, check out the story below.

In other Andromeda news, BioWare has confirmed there is no crossplay support and that the PC version has an uncapped frame rate.

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Avatar image for gustavo-woltmann

I'm tired of watching so many cinematic, I want to play the game !.

Avatar image for reavern

When the hell are we going to see something other than combat gameplay or cinematic trailers for Andromeda!?! Yunno, the majority of the game!

I know it's been 5 years since ME3, but I'm positive that the game previews for it and previous games were more diverse and plentiful. There were videos for each character, there were tours of the new Normandy, there were story videos, and I'm fairly certain there was at least one video of a Thresher Maw encounter from each ME game. There was wide assortment of preview content for ME games. Whereas Andromeda has relatively little preview content and it's only one month from release.

If EA isn't hyping Andromeda as much as ME3, there has to be a reason and it doesn't bode well for Mass Effect fans. I get the feeling that after Andromeda was delayed from 2016 and all the other disturbing rumours (like the Bioware vets fleeing the Andromeda dev team like rats from a sinking ship), that EA just wants to shovel out Andromeda, not spend money on promoting the game, instead solely rely on the blind loyalty of ME fans, then take the $$$ and RUN!

Avatar image for cyanak

@reavern: It is a decision Bioware made back in 2015, when Bethesda revealed Fallout 4. They got inspired by their marketing strategy (meaning : not showing much at all until the game is about to be released) and decided to do the same.

Avatar image for reavern

@cyanak: That's BS speculation and not what Bethesda did at all.

Bethesda worked on Fallout 4 "in secret" for 4 years, then revealed Fallout 4 at E3 2015 and announced it would be released 6 months later, and it was. Bethesda gave a 30 minute presentation at E3 that showed plenty of gameplay, including the PIPBoy mini-games and settlement building. There was a ton of preview content for Fallout 4 in the 6 months leading up to its release.

Bioware also announced Andromeda at E3 2015, more than a year before its intended release date of Fall 2016. Since the announcement, there have been several videos, including two trailers, but they've been light on gameplay (see the "Not actual gameplay" disclaimers at the end of the videos) and the combat gameplay hasn't been very impressive. It's like a boring knockoff of ME3's combat, without any of the intensity.

Avatar image for foozlefop

All I really want is just couch co-op so my wife and I can play together. Is that too much to ask? Why does Borderlands have the only corner of that market, and all the games coming out now just refuse to put in co-op? And yeah, EA and Bioware have probably destroyed one of my favorite game franchises.

Avatar image for tyronefonsworth

I have no hope for this game. I get the feeling it'll get extra points from reviewers due to who made it and what it is. It just flat out does not look good to me.

Avatar image for deactivated-5b63f02158cce

F*$% Mass Effect pre-orders, Been burned on too many games from EA. Never doing a pre order again. What a waste of gaming content, This is the direct reason why games are shit now days.

Avatar image for deactivated-58b0b257815cf

They really do not want to show this game.

Avatar image for praneetloke

Unique = thousands of people who pre-order.

Avatar image for Riddick123

The extra stuff will all be available for practically nothing in a year. Besides, it's all MP.

Avatar image for freeryu

There isn't any reason this should have less than ME3s MP. So many races and classes.

Avatar image for Sepewrath

@freeryu: Well it depends on the story, so there likely wont be any Geth, Collectors or Reaper stuff in MP.

Avatar image for GuySchronski

Well, I now know one of my fav franchises will fail. Come on Bioware. we the players want local and online co-op. Not multi-player. The fact that you put muti-player in the game tells me you took from the story Because we all know muti-player cost a lot more data, data you could have used toward story and co-op play. Just give use the loot drop aspect of the first game, the intense story of the second game and Local/online co-op and you will make a great game to last for decades. This is not COD or battlefield so stop trying to go that route. Should you want to make that then make a completely separate disc with muti-player this way all can be happy. Look at how bad Muti-player hurt Bioshock 2. learn from mistakes not repeat.

Avatar image for Spartan_418

@GuySchronski: Mass Effect 3's multiplayer was (and still is) amazing, I'd personally describe it as the best co-op shooter I've played, better than Gears' Horde or Halo's Firefight. Huge amounts of depth, challenging, pretty much endless replay value.

The only argument against ME3's MP is "it should never have had MP at all" which just tells me they never tried it.

Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

@Spartan_418: I've played ME's MP and while it is indeed a lot of fun, I can't help but feel that MAYBE the ending of the campaign wouldn't have happened the way it did IF all resources were focused on the single player campaign and not a multiplayer component which EA clearly added for the sake of making money like if the MP portion was a free-to-play game. Regardless of how great the MP is, I still feel it was forced into the game the same way Dead Space 3 made the horrible mistake of adding co-op which turned THAT game into an Action game with no real horror like the first 2 games.

Avatar image for Spartan_418

@PSYCHOV3N0M: @arktis87 states below:

"ME3's multi-player mode was out-sourced to Psyonix, the folks who would go on to make Rocket League. They used exclusively recycled assets made for the single player game. It did not siphon any potential quality off of the single player game."

Avatar image for Dilandau88

@GuySchronski: Please put some thought into your comments before you touch your keyboard. Thanks, the Internet.

Avatar image for Sepewrath

@GuySchronski: I don't think co-op works very well for Mass Effect. Who would make the choices and who would they play as. Keep in mind your squad always has less powers than the player character.

Avatar image for Mariner32

@GuySchronski: Huh? Where did the CoD, Battlefield, and Bioshock comparisons come in? It's not competitive multiplayer. It's co-op horde mode like ME3

Avatar image for GuySchronski

@Mariner32: It was in reference to the fact that Any competitive muti-player on a perfectly fine single player takes from the game. Yes, it is horde mode but there is no need. Too many companies want that online gameplay like their competitors and lose focus on what made their game so successful. I personally think the game lost a lot of it luster on the last 2 games due to we lost the vast exploring option you had in the first and the loot drop aspect that kept the game fresh. And they made the Horde mode such a major part of the game in ME3 that you had to get good at it to get a good ending instead of the actions you did throughout the game and the previous games. But again this is just my thoughts.

Avatar image for arktis87

@GuySchronski: ME3's multi-player mode was out-sourced to Psyonix, the folks who would go on to make Rocket League. They used exclusively recycled assets made for the single player game. It did not siphon any potential quality off of the single player game. Also you can easily clear the readiness bar without ever taking part in the multi-player mode. I'm always wary of MP so I avoided it for my first couple play-throughs, but eventually I wanted to see if it mattered if I maxed readiness by partaking in the MP and nearly tripling the required resources (it does not). Turns out I really enjoyed the MP mode, sunk a ton of hours into it.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c6581980ee0d

@arktis87: Actually if you didn't play Multiplayer for the first few months until they patched it you couldn't get the best ending but I do agree with you otherwise.

Avatar image for GuySchronski

@arktis87 Fair enough. But Point still remains the fact that too many companies opt for multi-player options when not needed. I personally Feel to many companies either don't want to make co-op games anymore or just plain down want to have to code for it. Either way, we as the gamers lose out. Not saying ever game need Co-op. But their plenty that would have benefited from it and not just online co-op but local as well. I know it does become an issue and most companies feel that online is what a lot of people want. But the fact remains some people don't want to play online due to modders or just annoying trollers. Again this is just how I feel. Not like companies will change the way they make games on my word, nor do I expect them too.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c6581980ee0d

@GuySchronski: You haven't adequately explained why MP not needed. I'd argue that it adds longevity to the game and an alternative way to play in quick bursts without dedicating too much time to it especially post campaign. Co-op would be a nice addition but don't forget for a significant portion of the game you as the protagonist are just wandering around talking to people and doing things non-combat related which would mean your co-op partner would have to have limited amount of interactibility with the npcs etc since the story is focused around you or lose control of their character when they are required to be an ambient npc, this is all assuming that one player plays as the host and the other player acts as a companion.

The only other alternative for co-op play would be that you take the story focus away from your main character and.or limit interactibility but they would have to significantly change the way the game works so it's focused around co-operative play. Other games have tried to tie multiplayer with storytelling such as Saints Row, but it just feels disjointed when you play story segments.

Avatar image for GuySchronski

@dark_k: Fair enough. I would argue the fact that you could have a complete story with co-op. Games like Divinity Orginal sin 1 and 2 have proven you can have both if you take the time to write the code for it. But that does require a lot more time and effort on the creators. While MP does help on the longer replay value for some games it doesn't help for all. This game could have drop in and drop out Co-op if it was thought of at the beginning. I personally thing to many companies just through MP in because either to lazy to do otherwise or forced to. either way still expect a lot more from games today. The major prob I have with Bioware is that each time they make a game it different from the last instead of just enhancing and building on what they have. As I said in an earlier statement they can have MP if they put it on a separate disc so we as the player know we have a complete story. There preorder for this game mostly focuses on the MP. Which leads me to believe that was or is their main focus. So yeah if the game was designed from start to finish with Co-op in mind it could be done in a way that never takes from the story and allows it to make it an intriguing part of the dynamic.

Avatar image for proceeder


Avatar image for samrvdman

Why gold? That's so tacky. No, I don't want my nomad designed by Kanye lol!

Avatar image for Bigjoe275

I'm a single player kind of guy so there's nothing in any of there pre-order schemes. For me to commit to my overall single player experience. The $80 & 100 versions have no real value towards single player experience. Only towards multiplayer. I've read both versions information list to see if that was the case. And both versions besides the $60 version was solely multiplayer focused. So I'm not passing judgment until release. But so the far the $60 version is a sure bet until EA or Bioware release more information on the other two versions.

Avatar image for DecapitatedOrc

@Bigjoe275: Me too. Unless they drop the price to incentivize pre-ordering, I just can't justify the risk of pre-ordering at the current steep price just to get some DLC armour and a custom Nomad skin. Whoop bloody whoop. As good as the game looks, it is doubtless going to be aimed at the console kids once again, with multiplayer and dumbed down gameplay top of the agenda. As it is, I'll wait for release day and user reviews on Metacritic, I think.....

Avatar image for PCsama

@Bigjoe275: totally agree with you

Avatar image for Evanduil

That wasn't really multiplayer gameplay. It was just gameplay glamour shots they told us were in multiplayer.

Avatar image for MarcRecon


Avatar image for Nakaruga

My body is so ready for ME:A multiplayer! I still hop on ME3 for it whenever I feel like scartching that itch.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@Nakaruga: I see that mod is a real guilty pleasure. I played a lot of it and it came with free new content so much times that the simple yet compeling horde action didn't grew stale. And when I came back to it after some years I couldn't believe how much they added. It was certainly no accident, but I honestly never saw that coming.

Avatar image for davillain-

It's sad to see EA had to put the word, pre-order stuff in front of a 30 seconds trailer. I am however still looking forward to Andromeda and see where Bioware going with Mass Effect Series as it is.

Avatar image for MarcRecon


Took the words right out of my mouth.

Avatar image for connorman01

The more information and gameplay released about this game, the less excited i am for it..

Avatar image for bobbiloff

@connorman01: What's not to like? A story focused on exploring good old trusty great me3 gameplay and new characters to discover (:

Avatar image for joupena

@bobbiloff: The open world elements have a real danger of being too much like in DA:I (big open areas, that are otherwise empty, but filled with boring sidequests, that add nothing to the overall experience).

And none of the characters seem interesting as of yet. Really bland designs for the most part.

But yeah, I'll stay skeptical until the game is released. That way I won't be disappointed if it turns out to be crap.

Avatar image for bobbiloff

@joupena: I get what you're coming from, each to their own I guess. I for one loved Inquisition, my only gripe with it is that there was no final battle at Skyhold, Helms Deep style - other than that I absolutely loved that game. I must say that I like their approach to the marketing of it, and not doing the ubisoft, 3 year hypetrain in advance ala Division etc. I think this is going to be good. Bioware has never made a poor game in my opinion except DA2 perhaps.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c6581980ee0d

@bobbiloff: Hey I'd like to discuss a bit more with you about Inquisition since you seem to have a balanced view. See I loved the game when we were experiencing the main story, interacting with companions, crafting, exploring, multiplayer. The problem for the game for me was that these bursts of excellent storytelling and gameplay were seperated by long periods of monotony. The first time around it's nice to explore and find new things in the world, subsequent playthroughs when you know what to expect and where things are, the exploration becomes less interesting. I think the problem with the game is that the story in each region isn't presented in an interesting enough manner to keep the overarching narrative cohesive and there aren't enough opportunities for you to make decisions. Take DA:O missions for example, you went to the Brecilian Forest to coerce the elves to aid you against the blight, find out about the issue with the werewolves along with talking to other npcs who give you quests. In DA:I the majority of the sidequests you come upon randomly and there's never any true incentive to pursue them beyond the regular reward. The most Egregious example of this is the Hissing Wastes where Harding gives you a vague brief about the venatori looking for something out there, then your left to your own devices. Aside from the dwarves building a kingdom there and abit of lore, there isn't really an attempt to makes that area interesting and the final showdown with the venatori is uncinematic and anticlimatic to say the least.

I agree that then endgame should have been at Skyhold than a generic floating castle, I was almost convinced that was the case when exploring it, I mean have huge spaces in Skyhold which are never utilised during most of the game.

I also agree that they haven't as of yet made a bad game, even DA2 with all it's flaws had a really intriguing storyline which was held back by the rest of the game design (I understand they had an extremely short development cycle... stupid EA).

Anyway I just wanted to know your opinion of it both positive and negative.

Avatar image for bobbiloff

@dark_k: It's true that Inquisition lacks the consistent narritive that DA:O had. When I replayed it earleir this summer I was actually amazed yet again how intricate the story is in that game, real Game of Thrones feel to the intrigue. I don't really think it's fair to judge the game based upon how good it is the second time you play it, if the game has peaked your interest in exploring it the first time then I think it's a success, but at the same time it always annoys me that I won't get that final battle that is SO needed imo. The Hissing Wastes is a good example of something that only worked well the first time for me. I went everywhere and got the Legion armor etc and had a blast doing it. I like that the main story in Inquistition never makes things feel TOO urgent to hinder me (rp-wise) to run around and do more minor things and take my time. That's a success of a main story in an open world game in my opinion.

The thing that never made side activities feel like a waste for me, especially the first time playing it, was that it was all to strengthen the influence of the Inquisition across Thedas in all manner of ways. It really makes sense to me and is a great overall motivator to explore and help your surroundings. Also I think that the combat system is really good and that if you haven't tried hooking up a 360 controller to your PC while playing games such as this you should really try it, made it alot more enjoyable. So just the moment to moment joy of the game and great environment design was enough to keep me engaged even during the more dull sections of the story.

I think all in all there's so much coating (exploring, all companions, variety in environments, great combat) around the flaws of DA:I that I still fully enjoy it while I'm playing, and why I've played it like 4 times. But I can't argue with your point about DA:O's engaging narritive, it can't be beaten by inquisition.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c6581980ee0d

@bobbiloff: Oh I forgot to add, since you seem to be getting ME:A on PC my Origin ID is Dark187 if you want to play mp when the game comes out.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c6581980ee0d

@bobbiloff: I think I came off too negative. I honestly think the game is a treasure and definitely worth the purchase, I'll defend it to the death if I feel someone unfairly criticises it. I mean like you I've beaten the game 4 times if that means anything. However because I enjoy replaying games so much, I think certain design choices I'm less willing to overlook in subsequent playthroughs.

I agree the first time around that the sidequests feel like you're expanding your influence, but I think the fractured narrative ruined them later as they seem pointless in the grand scheme of things even though they are embellishing the universe

I have no issues with the combat unlike most people, I actually prefer playing with the keyboard and mouse anyway ever since I became a primary pc player.

Avatar image for bobbiloff

@dark_k: Hey bud, sorry for late reply, I added you on Origin now, we could sure play when the game comes out!

Also wanted to add that I just finished a "fan-made" trailer for DA:I - and since we were talking about it I thought you'd might enjoy it so here it is:

Have a good one!

Avatar image for Damazig

@joupena: My thoughts exactly... and don't people find it very weird that there is so much crap promo for this game, toys, remote control cars, and art, and profiles with screenshots of those characters that all look worse than the ones from the original triology, and all you've seen so far is a Dragon Age Inquisition in space, but with very little to no gameplay. I would have expected that after people complaining about how bad the lip sync was in the only gameplay video, they would be coming out with new improved stuff, there is nothing... Things are looking quite grim, but hey, it can't get worse than that ME3 ending now can it?

Avatar image for PCsama

@Damazig: you nailed it bro ;)

Avatar image for joupena

@Damazig: I can only wish that it isn't worse than the ME3 endings, or Starchild. But hey.. Mac Walters defied the odds before, he can do so again... xDD

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