New Mass Effect: Andromeda Images And Details Revealed

BioWare's spacefaring RPG is almost here.


BioWare has shared some new images and details for Mass Effect: Andromeda's multiplayer mode.

Posted by producer Fernando Melo on Twitter, the pictures show off Andromeda's character-selection screen and more. You can see the images embedded in the tweets below.

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As for the new details, according to DualShockers, Melo confirmed that female Krogan characters (and female versions for all races) will be available. You can customize armor (including color and patterns), but customization for your character's face is not supported.

Continuing from Mass Effect 3, Andromeda's multiplayer will feature packs containing items that can be unlocked through gameplay or by spending real money.

As for how XP is earned, DualShockers reports that "during matches each player contributes to the total experience granted, and the the whole amount is granted to all."

Andromeda's multiplayer beta has been canceled. However, you can try the mode before launch on Xbox One and PC if you have an EA/Origin Access subscription. The EA/Origin Access free trial for the game, which limits you to 10 hours, arrives on March 16, with the full game coming out on March 21 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

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