New Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Shows Off The Tempest And Crew

Check out the newest video for the soon-to-launch RPG.


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Not only did Mass Effect: Andromeda's launch trailer arrive today, but a second video has come online that shows off the RPG's new ship, the Tempest, and introduces players to its crew.

You'll see in the IGN video that the Tempest has a loadout station where you can customize your character's weapons and armor, and also tweak your Nomad to your liking. You can also visit the character Peebe to buy and sell items, research items, and access the Strike team missions. Every interaction with characters on the ship changes throughout the game as you make decisions in the campaign.

Additionally, BioWare is livestreaming Andromeda gameplay right now from PAX East. You can watch the broadcast and hear directly from the developers right here on Twitch.

Another gameplay video released this week showed off Andromeda's Nomad vehicle and upgrades.

Andromeda launches on March 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A free trial for the game will be available through the EA/Origin Access programs on Xbox One and PC starting on March 16. This 10-hour trial lets players test multiplayer and single-player, though the campaign component is locked to a set number of missions.

In other news, BioWare has announced that Andromeda's multiplayer DLC maps will be free, just like they were in Mass Effect 3. Additionally, the game's trophies/achievements have leaked and can be seen here.

For more on Andromeda, check out GameSpot's hands-on impressions of the multiplayer mode.

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Just another indication this will be a bad game. Those facial animations look AWFUL.

Avatar image for deathbringer70

the faces are so lifeless! don't they see that? i'm getting skeptical about this

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masscrack <-- if you are wondering whats wrong with the game.

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That ship is better than Star Citizen's ships and doesn't cost 500$.

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@nurnberg: lol well the whole point of expensive ships in star citizen right now is to back the development. just buy a $60 game package with a starter ship, or just a $20 ship

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this game just looks mediocre, nothing new or revolutionary like every AAA should have. it's just DA:I in space. Combat even looks the same as ME3 with a few minor differences

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@connorman01: you havent played it to make any kind of judgement like that.

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@Myron117: i said the game LOOKS like that. if they did anything new or revolutionary, they would have definitely highlighted it, like they did with open world in dragon age inquisition

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"You can also visit the character Peebe to buy and sell items, research items, and access the Strike team missions."

So much for avoiding her.

Also, who the hell is in charge of the animations? I keep expecting to see strings attached to these wooden marionettes. Did EA perform the rite of tranquility on their character models?

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@barbarossa213: They did, and it has a great side-effect on their eyes and mouth movement too

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We are in 2017 and the face animation looks back to 2013, Bioware/EA did you saw the face animation for the Uncharted 4 characters and even Mafia 3 even the Yakuza 0?!! and this is your new IP?! spend some money on the animation it won't hurt, and don't tell me this is an-early build or will be correct on first day patch..

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

@PCsama: I thought you were exagerating at first but after watching that video, yeah, the facial animations are extremely bad. As if they just used some software to let it generate random facial gestures and didn't bother to check on how it looks.

But interesting how you mention Yakuza 0 as a better example. That game has the lowest production value ever. Outside of the cinematic cut scenes that it, those are nice. But take a look at the dialogues during sidequests. They literally don't move anything but their mouth.

I guess Bioware added these little animations to avoid that. But in the end it looks just the same. As if they couldn't be bothered to actually put some facial animations in that fit the context.

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@PCsama: Hair and cloth physics is next thing which is still missing. Though there is some hair animation noticeable on long hair female pilot but it looks absent on most characters.

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Ok Gamespot, hope you will save some money for Cyberpunk 2077 exclusive "First" for it when it comes out

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Is it really just 11 more days?! Thank god next week is spring break and I can dissolve into my chair and play like crazy. Gotta finish some games up before then.

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IGN gets all the first looks. GS gets nothing.

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Ok, thanks, I'll just go watch in on IGN then.