New Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle DLC Now Out On Nintendo Switch

Kingdom Battle fans have some new stuff to play through today.


With no warning, Ubisoft has released the second DLC pack for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle as part of the game's season pass. This introduces new co-op and high-end content for players to complete.

As is to be expected from something called the Ultra Challenge Pack, the DLC introduces eight Ultra Hard Challenges that a new trailer describes as the game's "biggest challenge" yet. Specifics on what these entail were not shared, but you can get a glimpse at what's included in the video below. These are located inside the game's secret chapters, so you'll need to have completed at least a portion of the game in order to try your hand at them.

The other component of the DLC is a new co-op campaign. This includes five maps that are exclusive to co-op play and feature Chain Chomps, Tornados, Boos, and Pyroclasts to deal with.

The Ultra Challenge Pack is out now and can be purchased for $7/£5.80. Alternatively, it's included with the Kingdom Battle season pass, which costs $20/£16. That has already delivered DLC steampunk weapons and pixelated weapons, with another pack--featuring new story content--coming in 2018.

Kingdom Battle was a surprise hit when it was released in August and has already become the best-selling third-party game on Switch to date. You can read all about in our positive Mario + Rabbids review and get some pointers in our Mario + Rabbids guides.

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