New Mario on Nintendo 64

But it's not Mario 64 II. Instead, Nintendo and Hudson team up for a party of Nintendo characters.


TOKYO - It may not be the sequel to Mario 64, but Nintendo is releasing a new Mario game in 1998. It's called Mario Party, and is a board game designed for families designed by Nintendo and Hudson. As it sounds, the game features Mario and his friends (and arch enemies) in a boardgame style game complete with over 50 mini-games.

The Board Map includes: Donkey's Jungle Adventure, Peach's Birthday Cake, Yoshi's Tropical Island, Wario's Battle Cannon, Luigi's Engine Room, Mario's Rainbow Castle and some hidden levels too.

When you and other players stop on a space on the colored grid, it switches to a mini-game. They're made up of a mix of simple and fun action, puzzle and racing games. What kind of game you get and how many players get to play depends on the color your piece lands on.

Games will be played in four ways: four players every man for himself, three on one, two on two or one player only. Mini-games include a two player bobsled game, three on one toadshell bowling (the other players will play as pins), a PaRappa-ish button pushing game called Mario orchestra and so on.

Mario Party will be released on December 18 in Japan, for 5,800 yen (about $49).

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