New Mafia 3 Trailer Shows Off Lincoln Clay's Deadly Skills

The open-world crime game comes out on October 7.

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Now Playing: Mafia 3 - Inside Look: Owning the Battlefield

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With just about a week to go before launch, 2K Games has released a new trailer for Mafia III that spotlights the ways in which main character Lincoln Clay can "own the battlefield."

Director Haden Blackman explains in the video that Clay is not your average mobster. He served in the Vietnam War and the special training he had there will give him an edge against rival mobsters in the game's world of 1968 New Bordeaux.

The video also explains that Clay is more nimble than a regular mobster, allowing him to move through combat swiftly. He's also skilled at stalking when that approach is advantageous. He can use cover to hide and shield himself.

Other times, the guns-blazing tactic may be better--and Clay is well-suited for this as well. He has a wide variety of weapons and explosives available to him, including pistols, machine guns, and shotguns, while he can also wear a flak jacket.

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Also seen in the video are Clay's melee combat skills. As you can see, he's pretty deadly with a knife or even his fists in the right circumstances. Performing a takedown can even stun nearby enemies, Blackman says, though it's not immediately clear what you have to do to perform one.

For more on Mafia III, which comes out on October 7 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, check out GameSpot's new feature that covers seven things you need to know and this extended gameplay demo. You can also read GameSpot's interview with composer Jesse Harlin.

A mobile version of Mafia III, called Mafia III: Rivals, has also been announced.

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