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New Mafia 3 Story Trailer Coming Tomorrow

A trailer titled "One Way Road" will air premiere tomorrow.


A new story trailer for '60s-set crime game Mafia III will air tomorrow morning, 2K Games has announced. The video in question is titled "One Way Road," and will premiere at 8 AM EST on April 19.

We will post the trailer on GameSpot and bring you any news from it as soon as it becomes available.

Neither 2K Games nor developer Hangar 13 have shared many details on Mafia III since the game's announcement at Gamescom 2015 last August, so fans may be eagerly awaiting this new trailer.

In Mafia III, you play as Lincoln Clay, a mixed-race man who grew up an orphan and later fought in the Vietnam War before finding his way to New Orleans. The game places a lot of emphasis on depicting the racism and prejudice against black people that was present in the deep south in 1968, the year the game takes place. Developer Hangar 13 says the game does not intend to sensationalize racism.

Mafia III will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime after April 2016, though a specific release date has not been announced. For lots more on Mafia III, check out GameSpot's preview from Gamescom.

In other recent news potentially relating to Mafia III, it's been suggested that Rockstar's rumored Red Dead Redemption 2 may in some way tie in to the game.

For a closer look at Mafia III, check out some concept art in the gallery below.

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