New Mafia 3 PC Patch Adds 60 FPS and Unlimited FPS Options [UPDATE]

The game was previously locked at 30 FPS.

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[UPDATE] The Mafia III PC patch that adds new frame rate options is going live today at 3 PM PT/6 PM ET, 2K announced on Twitter.

The original story is below.

For the first time in six years, Mafia fans now have a new entry in the series to play, as Mafia III launches today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There was some tough news for PC players yesterday, however, when 2K confirmed that the game would be capped at 30 FPS at launch.

Now, 2K has reported back to say it has a patch in the works now that includes 30, 60, and unlimited FPS options from the game's video menu. There are "other improvements" for the PC version of Mafia III also included in this update.

The update is now in testing. Should everything go to plan, the Mafia III PC patch should go out this weekend. Keep checking back with GameSpot for more on exactly when the patch comes out.

Mafia III is a sequel to 2010's Mafia II. The new game is set in 1968 and stars Vietnam War veteran Lincoln Clay in a story of revenge against the Italian mob. The game takes place in a version of New Orleans called New Bordeaux.

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GameSpot did not receive a full copy of Mafia III before launch, so we don't have a review available yet. Keep checking back in the days ahead for more on our thoughts on the game.

For now, you can check out an extended gameplay video above, in which we show off the opening act of Mafia III.

2K has also released a note on Twitter celebrating Mafia III's launch. The full text is copied below.

"It's been more than six years since you visited Empire Bay in Mafia II. Now, thanks to the tireless work of the whole team at Hangar 13 and 2K, Mafia III is finally here! We've pushed Mafia's trademark cinematic storytelling in a whole new direction with an open-world game. And we think you'll experience that from the second you start playing.

"The only thing that's missing now: you. How will you exact revenge against the Italian mob in Mafia III. Which lieutenants will you support on your rise to the top of the criminal underworld? Our motto is, 'Every player story is unique' -- And we can't wait to hear yours.

"Thank you for putting your trust in us and allowing us to continue doing what we do. Welcome to New Bordeaux."

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Avatar image for nashathedog

The frame rate is only a small problem in a broken game that's full of problems, Terrible AI, bad physics issues and sky boxes that should of been outlawed years ago, A tragic attempt at what should of been a great game, It seems our trust was misplaced.

Avatar image for yumyumnomnom

Post patch, definitely enjoying the game better with the uncapped 30 fps. In the city I'm averaging 55-60 fps but certain areas like around water; bayou, the fps dips like a motherf*cker to low 40s. Running the game on 1920x1080 with all settings to high except volumetric effects to med. This last option seems to give some fps boost compared to high. All the other options dont appear to really affect performance no matter what I set them to.

Avatar image for Yams1980

no excuses for a game in 2016 to have locked framerate

Avatar image for simplytheebest

Maybe they should patch in a believable story instead? That lincoln clown couldn't do anything to the mafia.

Avatar image for urbanman2004

No game on PC should ever be capped - Dafuq were they thinking before launch.. Glad they came to their senses

Avatar image for simplytheebest

@urbanman2004: Try playing an early 90's Test Drive without capping the frame-rate

Avatar image for urbanman2004

@simplytheebest: Correction: "No current released game on PC should ever be capped [or not be w/o an option to disable it] - Dafuq were they thinking before launch.. Glad they came to their senses"


Avatar image for FBohler

Better late than never....

Avatar image for nikdik

Black Lives Matter is going to blame this game's mixed reception on white privilege.

Avatar image for simplytheebest

@nikdik: new group starting , hilary clinton's "No lives matter" seeking members now!

Avatar image for jay30mcr

They probably spent most of the budget for this game on the rights to the music :(

Avatar image for simplytheebest

@jay30mcr: Or hair nets

Avatar image for cromartie

Are they going to release a patch for consoles? The game is a buggy mess on xbox one! Graphical glitches, horrible blurry textures, game crashes randomly. What a complete mess...

Avatar image for kaselator

@cromartie: Honestly I don't think hardware demanding AAA games like this should be priced so high on current gen consoles, on PC it's cheaper and so much better, it's just wrong.

Avatar image for simplytheebest

@kaselator: If it was a AAA game you'd be playing as a made guy. This game has nothing to do with the Mafia or the Mafia series. Just an action comedy gone wrong.

Avatar image for cromartie

@kaselator: Bull crap! What are you talking about, this has nothing to do with hardware demanding games as you put it, and consoles being to weak to optimise them. It's the developers fault for writing shitty code, and using an old engine for a 2016 game.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@kaselator: The price of games is offset by the cost of the console hardware though. It has Always been that way. They make the money back on new releases. Especially when you consider they both just launched new consoles with newer versions due out next month and next year on top of that. No way they won't recoup what they can from AAA software titles.

Avatar image for darth_gus

It was the first time I pre-order a game on steam. running the game with everything on low settings 1440p. while I play witcher3, gta v and arkham knight on solid 60fps 1600p.

intel i7 6700hq 2.6ghz

16gb ram

geforce 960m 4gb.

Avatar image for mezzanine58

Is the PC version so different from the PS4? Because the Steam ratings do not match my experience of the game whatsoever... It's absolutely wonderful - one of the most well-thought-out and detailed games I've come across. And so beautiful. (yes, there are lighting issues even on PS4, but those can be ironed out easily enough over the coming weeks)

Favourite random moment so far - Walking on the street, 3 black women having a conversation, a police car stops beside at a red light and the officer leans out the window and calls - "Hey chocolate pudding!" I know some people won't appreciate that level of realism, but I keep finding it, and it's so impressive. Just a beautiful world. I'm guess I'm glad I neglected my PC this time round.

Avatar image for hotd63b

@mezzanine58: your joking yea? are you blind? this is home on ps2..worse blurry looking game i ever for pc and sweet fx

Avatar image for kaselator

@mezzanine58: If you have a powerful PC, yes it's literally 10 times better

Avatar image for yumyumnomnom

@kaselator: yeah, it's all or nothing for this game if you have a powerful pc. the game will look and play like shit on a lower-mid end pc.

Avatar image for punksterdaddy

No difference for me whatsoever. 60fps is no where in sight. In fact when it is at 30, it stays there but when you set it to 60, it dips to 24fps frequently.

Avatar image for masscrack

well.. its not 30 fps anymore, but its averages about 40 fps with a 6700k and a 1080 rofl.. im playing at 1440p though.

Avatar image for jinx200001

@masscrack: identical to me. It is a massive improvement to what it was but its not close to perfect 60fps on the strongest of hardware which isnt great news for graphical updates in the future.

Also 6700 and 1080 here.

Avatar image for masscrack

@masscrack: shit also got my computer running HOT!!

Avatar image for serialkisser

@masscrack: There was a reason it was locked at 30 fps, it wasn't because of mistake.

Its a poorly optimized port and devs knew this, to tackle it they locked it at 30 fps. I have seen videos and the game is no where near that good looking to have the above mentioned demand. I will easily give this game a miss, glad didn't preorder it.

Avatar image for SupaTrupa

Looks like another dud

Avatar image for RyanBurnsRed

That's nice. How long before they start improving on the horrendous lighting?

At times it's like SotC on PS2.

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

I've got 5 fps on Low at 720p, but I can play Witcher 3 on Ultra. Oh, ze PC port...

Avatar image for DJRyuuji_Fury17

@Pelezinho777: that's probably because of an AMD Card. i know that sometimes AMD Radeon series of cards can sometimes have issues.

Avatar image for navyguy21

About time! Been waiting to play until patch

Avatar image for hyksiu

Unlimited powah!!!!

Avatar image for ALLIAMOS

@hyksiu: the ring of powah !!!

Avatar image for Pro-Aktivity

How about they also remove that horrible blur effect.

Avatar image for hotd63b

@Pro-Aktivity: sweet fx is only way make decent but still crashes and dips

Avatar image for edwardnygma

This game looks terrible.

Avatar image for maddogcollins

If they are now trying to come up with a patch for above 30 fps it scares the hell out of me what comes up when people actually start trying to play it above 30. There should be a law that if a game is unplayable once released and not patched within a certain time frame customers should be able to get a FULL refund, maybe even a little extra for the frustration caused. It would make developers work harder to make sure the game runs well. Origin allows a refund for 24 hours once downloaded, it should be 24 hours once the game is fully patched.

Avatar image for deactivated-5a3920d6b9003

@maddogcollins: That would be fine. But we wouldnt have such messy releases if stupids would cease preordering games or buy them on release. It isnt too much to ask to buy games after they have been fully patched and reviewed.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@maddogcollins: Aye do you want to bankrupt the games industry?

Avatar image for Acidic__Thought

@gamingdevil800: Some devs and publishers deserve it. (Not saying these guys, you know who I'm talking about though.)

Avatar image for alaskancrab

What are you folks complaining about... it's not like 2K made you wait for the game as long as GTA took. PC pirates are the worst they pretend they are the biggest market and somehow the most neglected, something doesn't add up.

Avatar image for JIMDOG4442002

@alaskancrab: You make no sense...

Avatar image for maddogcollins

@alaskancrab: PC Pirates?

Avatar image for cjtopspin

@maddogcollins: I think PC Pirates are a new group who police micro aggressions and racially biased statements by launching cannon balls at you.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@cjtopspin: I thought they were a Hockey team !!

Avatar image for zerofrust


This man and his delusions...In that demented mind of his, All PC gamers are pirates and Valve and all those devs are magically making cash and thriving ex-nihilo...Heaven forbid you expect a product to have the minimum a PC game must have by today standards...Having a game capped at 30 fps on PC is the equivalent of having movies in black white with no sound...

Avatar image for asmoddeuss

@zerofrust: haha, I wonder how some indie devs goes rich (Re-Logic for example) in the PC platform, must be all the pirates! :D

30 fps is console cancer spreading to other platforms.

EDIT: Sorry misspelled "Re-Logic" lol

Avatar image for zerofrust


That's what i don't get behind that logic. If no one or barely anyone was buying games, Valve and other digital Stores would have closed shop a long time ago. There is literally no point in making games for a platform which barely or doesn't generate cash. But that's far from what we are seeing. Fck even MS is attempting miserably to crawl back to it and Sony is worried about losing customers to it lol. Why would they care about a platform that is allegedly irrelevant according to some console players? So much irrelevant Sony/MS felt the need to "refresh" their consoles after only 3 years of run lol.

As for the whole 30fps, i don't think that it has its place anymore in gaming(unless the hardware you are using isn't capable of going beyond it lol). I remember prior the PS4/Xbox-one release when 60fps was judged imperceptible by the vast majority of console players(Sour Grappes probably). After the release, they had taste of it, their eyes magically evolved like Pokemon and 60 fps is now desirable and perceptible. Bunch of fucking hypocrites lol.

Avatar image for cjtopspin

@zerofrust: The best part is that video game innovation occurs on the PC. It always has and always will.