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New Mad Catz Gaming Mouse Offers Precision Aim Button And Barrel Scroll Wheel

The new RAT DWS gaming mouse from Mad Catz also comes with 14 programmable buttons and an adjustable 16K DPI optical sensor.


A new year means a new slate of PC gaming accessories, and one of the first announcements comes from peripheral maker Mad Catz. The company has revealed its new RAT DWS wireless gaming mouse, which features an adjustable palm rest in addition to a number of unique features that could make it a particularly exciting option for first-person shooter fans. The RAT DWS doesn't currently have a price or release date, but we'll likely learn more soon as it starts shipping in February.

In addition to the new mouse switch and huge battery life, the RAT DWS also features a precision aim button. Mad Catz hasn't said exactly how this works, but it likely lowers the mouse's sensitivity for fine-tuning those long-distance sniper shots. On top of that it comes with a barrel scroll wheel that should work well for switching weapons, an adjustable 16K DPI optical sensor, and 14 programmable buttons.

We should learn more about the Mad Catz RAT DWS wireless gaming mouse in the near future, but if you're looking for recommendations that you can buy and use right now, check out our guide to the best gaming mouse. There are a lot of excellent options available, and next week, we should see even more as CES 2021 commences.

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