New Lost Planet demo on Thanksgiving

Forget the family and spend November 23 blasting friends on Xbox Live with multiplayer sample of Capcom's arctic sci-fi shooter.


Gamers who grabbed Gears of War this week might have noticed a promotional insert in the package that mentioned a new downloadable multiplayer demo of Capcom's Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. However, Capcom representatives wouldn't talk when asked about how soon that demo would hit the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The publisher finally answered that question today with the announcement that the Lost Planet multiplayer demo would be available to download on November 23, Thanksgiving Day in the US. The demo will allow up to 16 players to play on a single map with multiple weapons, robotic combat suits, and four game types.

Capcom also renamed the day after Thanksgiving. Previously known as Black Friday, the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in earnest, Capcom wants to call it White Friday, the beginning of the company's preorder campaign for the snowbound sci-fi shooter. As part of the campaign, advance purchasers will receive access to a special version of the multiplayer demo that includes a second map.

Lost Planet is rated T for Teen and is expected to ship to North American retailers in January 2007. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's latest hands-on impressions.

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Must play. Starship Troopers+ Empire Strikes Back=Amazing

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well i played the original demo and found it quite frustrating with no check pionts within the difficult levels, the aiming and controls feel really random and floaty. the enemy AI is rather weak, and the game as a whole is quite scripted. it is a visual feast, but still i'm not enjoying the gameplay, especially after playin GOW every third person anything worth it's own will have to have more interactive enviroments from now on.

Avatar image for Animal91X

I'll get it, the demo and the game, whoo... 12th JANUARY 2007 whoo...

Avatar image for _Sam_

I hope I'll have a 360 by then

Avatar image for klabut

I can't wait to play after already playing the other demo I am hyped for it.

Avatar image for HotTopFade

Thats too soon for a demo. Some player will get their fill of the game play and then loose intrest.

Avatar image for Millennium_King

this game is going to pwn!!

Avatar image for Trinimom

idk, just release the game already!

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Avatar image for dodgyd55

OMG Cant wait this game will be awesome

Avatar image for GogetaX

Overlooked by the release of Halo 3? Isn't Halo 3 going to be released TBA 07? Which means prlly this time 2007? Lost Planet is January 2007. Waaaayy earlier.

Avatar image for phSychO_AtDawn

It's probably going to be overlooked by the release of Halo 3 and the success of Gears.

Avatar image for jakeboudville

omg..i need to get this on my friends 360

Avatar image for zachisonthecom

Based on how the gameplay is in the single player mode, this game looks like it isn't suited to multiplayer matches, with all the wide, open areas and lack of different weapons (not to mention one of those weapons happens to HOME on your enemy).

Avatar image for Svenice

This will be the NEXT big game for 360 now that Gears is out. I'm REALLY looking forward to trying out the multiplayer. I keep getting disconnected trying to play Gears multi :(

Avatar image for comthitnuong

i gues we can play after we eat!

Avatar image for Zonelezz

i so want this game!

Avatar image for maverickexe

Well happy birthday/thanksgiving to me!!

Avatar image for JakeX

Hmph. If it came on Canada's Thanksgiving, we'd all be playing right now.

Avatar image for geebus

happy thanksgiving to us!

Avatar image for Kama151

Let the Viral marketing begin. Good luck, Capcom. I'm sure this game will have a snowballing effect and sell strongly throughout the year.

Avatar image for AnubanUT

This game actually looks even better than Gears imo ... that demo from months ago was awesome and you know that since then they have really improved it even further ... this title better get some 10s as well after seeing how Gears got SEVEN .. count 'em SEVEN 10's ... now while a great game that is just preposterous. Anyway I am really looking forward to this title next.

Avatar image for GreyFoxV1

How's about they stop making demos and finish the damn game?

Avatar image for thestickman

Awesome. Can't wait. Lost Planet has gotta be one of the freshest breaths of air I've gotten in a long time in games, and I can't wait to try out the multiplayer modes, especially if any sort of yelling "weeeee" is involved.

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has anyone watched multiplayer movies of this? ive seen a few and they all have that "super fun" awesome kinda feel if you get me, not all get angry and yelling at screen and getting tense but more the running around with your teamates being like "weeeeee" then all laughing as you kill guys.......ya kinda like that

Avatar image for Digital-Devil

Lost Planet will be good, though it will be slightly overlooked because of Gears of War

Avatar image for Muddypoof

I feel bad now...I totally wanted this game. But after playing Gears of War, I don't think this will hold up at all - multiplayer or singleplayer. *sad face*

Avatar image for Kravyn81

Dude, I cannot for Thanksgiving. I'm going to gorge like a mother****er. I love Thanksgiving because that's the one day where it's acceptable for you to pig out and nobody will look at you funny.

Avatar image for WillT12345

How can it be sleeper hit when its the most downloaded demo on live 7 months before its release.

Avatar image for strahd01

I doubt this will be a sleeper.. i want this for christmas though! not new years

Avatar image for *Revelations

I wonder if this game will be a sleeper hit.

Avatar image for PiNoYPrOjEcT

Thank you, Capcom!!!!!

Avatar image for GoreObsessed

Awsome news!! I cant wait! :)

Avatar image for supergrakk

Awesome, Lost Planet rules!

Avatar image for cobrax80


Avatar image for WolfSkill5544

Nice! Heck Yeah!!!!!!

Avatar image for shaggyaz


Avatar image for fgamer

This is great I get to play it on my birthday woohoo!! I'll be waiting for you all my gamer tag is N22Gamer feel free to add me!!!

Avatar image for darunia106

Now that Gears of War is out, I guess this is the next game to look forward to. Xbox 360 looks pretty promising and I would get one, I just don't have enough money. :(

Avatar image for PEELEDbanana

Dude, i want this game so baddly. It was the first 360 demo that i played and i loved it. Keep up the good work, Capcom.

Avatar image for arsy130

WHITE FRIDAYS ROCKS !!!!!... lol.... cool new demo....

Avatar image for fmprodguy

I've already paid off this game at my local EB... looking foward to multiplayer... If the game (multiplayer included) is as good as the first demo, and has a decent story... It will sell systems... maybe even in Japan! Stranger things have happened...

Avatar image for shasam712

13 days is longer than I want to wait :P Plus, that's when Guitar Hero 2 is out...who knows, I might not get chance to play this for a while.

Avatar image for Gmacrusher

Thats nice i guess!

Avatar image for CHAOSWEAV3R

About time we got some more of Lost Planet. :)

Avatar image for Dolacide

Yea, I know what I'm going to be doing thanksgiving, giving thanks to Capcom for the demo.

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This game definitely looks pretty sweet. The single-player demo was very enjoyable...

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