New Lost Planet demo on Thanksgiving

Forget the family and spend November 23 blasting friends on Xbox Live with multiplayer sample of Capcom's arctic sci-fi shooter.


Gamers who grabbed Gears of War this week might have noticed a promotional insert in the package that mentioned a new downloadable multiplayer demo of Capcom's Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. However, Capcom representatives wouldn't talk when asked about how soon that demo would hit the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The publisher finally answered that question today with the announcement that the Lost Planet multiplayer demo would be available to download on November 23, Thanksgiving Day in the US. The demo will allow up to 16 players to play on a single map with multiple weapons, robotic combat suits, and four game types.

Capcom also renamed the day after Thanksgiving. Previously known as Black Friday, the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in earnest, Capcom wants to call it White Friday, the beginning of the company's preorder campaign for the snowbound sci-fi shooter. As part of the campaign, advance purchasers will receive access to a special version of the multiplayer demo that includes a second map.

Lost Planet is rated T for Teen and is expected to ship to North American retailers in January 2007. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's latest hands-on impressions.

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Man, I still don't have a 360

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that is so sick. i gotta get the demo. i loved the part where that creature pops outta snow. to awesome for words

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Awesome news.

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Can't wait for this game. The 1st demo was awesome. Free map with pre-order? Count me in :D

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I played the demo and loved it. I have to have this game when it comes out.

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This game rocks!!!

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The single player demo was excellent, and the multiplayer looks nothing short of amazing! Can't Wait! :)

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cant wait to try it

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Sweet. Lost Planet is a cool game.

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Lost Planet - Xbox 360 - Jump In.

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I don't want to play the demo .. I want the game =| (the anticipation is already so high).

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sweet :D

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White Friday :)

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I have way too many games to get within a couple of months.... and this is one of them.

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Sweet. I'm planning on pre-ordering Lost Planet in the near future. This will help with my desision.

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I'm willing to bet that the XBLMP will have the extra map eventually.

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This is going to be good.

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Yeah Baby!!

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I wasn't impressed with the first demo at all...

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so when we pre-order we get a code or something that unlocks another map for the demo on the 23rd?

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oh yea i can't wait!!

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