New Look: PlayStation WTC

We take a new look at WTC, World Racing Championship for the PlayStation. New media inside.


Codemasters strolled in to our happy little offices today and plopped down on our decadent sofas with some PlayStation games for us to look at - one of the games was Codemaster's WTC, World Racing Championship. Created by the team that brought you TOCA, WTC World Racing Championship is Codemaster's attempt to bring what was primarily a British-skewed game to a worldwide audience. To accomplish this the company has implemented a larger number of real-world courses, all of international origin (Laguna Seca, Adelaide, Hockenheim, etc.).

With a large number (although not that large when compared with Gran Turismo) of cars and tracks, the replay value should be fairly high. Gamers who dig damage will be glad to hear that WTC features structural collision-based crunching on all car models, so anyone who likes to wreck will be in luck. While we're knitting together our full preview, browse through our library of shots.

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