New Look: Fur Fighters

Acclaim stops by and lets us try the Dreamcast game previously known as Furballs.


Acclaim stopped by the offices today and gave us some time with its upcoming shooter, Fur Fighters, which stars a bunch of little furry critters. The game is being developed by Bizarre Creations, and we've been anxious to get our hands on this title ever since we first checked it out at the ECTS in London last year when it debuted under the name Furballs.

For those of you who haven't yet heard about Fur Fighters, the game can best be described as Jet Force Gemini meets the Muppets. You control six cute and furry creatures - Bungalow, Rico, Change, Roofus, Juliette, and Tweek. By using some high-powered weaponry you must blast your way through levels. Even the enemies you fight are cute, which just adds to the unique brand of humor that this game employs.

We're currently putting together a full preview of Fur Fighters, but for now check out these new screens and video that we've captured. Fur Fighters is slated for release this spring (around March or April).

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