New Look at Nightmare Creatures

The latest rev packs some good fighting. We have screens and movies, too.


Nightmare Creatures has been likened to a Tomb Raider/Resident Evil hybrid, combining the latter's mastery of environments, with exemplary lighting effects and fully-developed, painstakingly polygonal beasts, and the former's boundless arsenal and perplexing puzzles, keeping true to adventure game spirit.

The player's character, either Ignatius the monk or young American swordswoman Nadia (each with his own unique feel, combos, specials, and spells), will run about and explore every nook and cranny of historic 19th century London. The mission? To expose and conquer the Brotherhood of Heccate and its leader Adam Crowley, who have turned the local townsfolk into creatures as ugly as nightmares. In short, the player fights a lot of gruesome beasts that are hard as nails and twice as sharp.

And there are loads of them to fight. The game includes 16 creatures in all, ranging from ogres, spiders, and zombies to gargoyles, golems, and werewolves, each with its own distinct powers and personality. In a Monty Python like twist, NC's polygonal collision is such that players can chop off offending monsters' arms with the use of a blade power-up and they'll still fight. In fact, players can cut them in half and the monsters' lower torsos will often still chase after them. Players can take on up to four monsters at once with reportedly no slow down in the game's 30-plus frames per second rate.

Meanwhile the game environments players will be doing battle in include graveyards, alleys, sewers, and even cathedrals, all digital replicas of structures modeled from actual urban blueprints of the time, and all containing breakable 3-D objects such gates, crates, and windows.

For more information, be sure and check out the VGS preview of the game.

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