New Loki Video Looks At Sylvie, The MCU's Latest Mysterious Character

Sophia Di Martino plays the Loki-variant in the Disney+ Marvel series.


A new Loki featurette focusing on a the character of Sylvie has been released. Sylvie is a variant of Loki and is played by Sophia Di Martino.

Sylvie was introduced at the end of Loki Episode 2, and her character and relationship with Loki was explored more extensively in this week's third episode. In the new promo, Di Martino talks about taking advice from Loki actor Tom Hiddleston about how to play Sylvie, while also ensuring that the character was "unique." Check it out below:

When Sylvie first appeared in Episode 2, the immediate assumption was that she was Lady Loki, a character form Marvel's comic books. However, despite clear parallels with Lady Loki, Episode 3 suggests she is someone very different. In fact, there are hints that she might not actually be a Loki variant at all--or this could just be the MCU is taking some major liberties with the source material, blending blending multiple versions of the story into a new and updated spin. Check out GameSpot's Mason Downey on who this latest addition to the MCU might be.

Another big moment in Episode 3 was the confirmation that Loki is bisexual, during an exchange about lovers with Sylvie. Loki director Kate Herron spoke about this on Twitter afterwards, stating, "From the moment I joined [Loki] it was very important to me, and my goal, to acknowledge Loki was bisexual." The episode also revealed where TVA agents really come from.

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