New Live-Action Destiny 2 Trailer Was Made By Metal Gear Solid Movie's Director

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts had hardcore fans in mind


Destiny 2's new live action trailer has quite the director behind it: Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of this year's Kong: Skull Island, not to mention the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie. For him, he told GameSpot, anything related to video games is a labor of love.

"It really did have to do with my love of video games, and sci-fi, and Destiny," he said. "It was just impossible for me to turn down. It had too many things that I love in it."

The latest in a long line of live action Destiny trailers, this Beastie Boys-scored spot begins with Cayde-6, voiced as ever by Nathan Fillion, introducing a trio of freshly resurrected Guardians to their new life in a world bereft of comforts. Then, they use their big guns and space magic to blow aliens up for a good minute of straight action. They also show off some of Destiny 2's new powers, including each class's new Super ability.

Vogt-Roberts worked mainly with Destiny 2's publisher, Activision, and the ad agency 72andSunny. But he also got to take a trip to Bungie, play an in-progress build of Destiny 2, and pick the developers' brains about what makes their games tick.

"I just can't say enough amazing things about the guys up there, [Destiny 2 Director] Luke Smith and the artists and the animators," he said. "Those guys give a s***."

"I really like the mechanics of games," he continued. "It was amazing to be able to talk to them about why a game feels a certain way, you know?"

Still fresh from directing the enormous Kong: Skull Island, Vogt-Roberts could have opted for something smaller for his next project, like directing more episodes of FX's critically lauded anti-rom-com You're The Worst. But he couldn't resist the challenges the Destiny 2 commercal presented.

"Bungie created a world that is super unique--like, incredibly unlike anything else out there. And it would be very easy to be afraid of that, to lean away from that, or, as you're making a spot like this, to forget about the people who made the first game such a success," he said. "For me, it really was a thing of, from the jump, really being able to talk to [Bungie] and say, look, let's just make sure that as we design all this stuff, as we create a world that, yes, should bring in new players, that we never for a second forget about the core. The actual mega fans of Destiny need to be able to watch this and say 'I'm proud of this. This represents the game that I love. This represents the world that I love. I'm glad this thing exists.'"

Destiny 2 hits Xbox One and PS4 Sept 6., and PC Oct. 24.

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