New Lionheart details revealed

Black Isle updates its Web site with new information on its upcoming role-playing game.


Black Isle updated its Web site today with some new information about Lionheart, its upcoming role-playing game. Lionheart is set in an alternate-history Middle Ages, where the Third Crusade opened up a strange rift that released magic into the world. In this alternate universe, the Spanish have aligned themselves against magic and all those who wield it. They stand on the brink of war with the English, who are much more tolerant of magic.

The latest Lionheart Web site update offers new details on the thought branch of magic in the game. Magic users who specialize in the thought branch can unleash powerful elemental spells based on fire, ice, or electricity. Protective spells like mana shields are part of the thought branch as well.

Some new screenshots from the game were also added in the update. For more information on Lionheart, check out our previous coverage.

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