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New Lego Set Lets You Build A Cat Wearing A Tuxedo

We're legally obligated to call this the purrfect Lego set.


All cats are great, but tuxedo cats are extra great. While only a select few people are blessed with the presence of these fancy felines, you can bring one of the dapper lads home thanks to this new Lego set. That's right, Lego has finally released a Tuxedo Cat set for all cat fans to enjoy. It's available now at several retailers and is priced at $100.

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Inside the box, you'll find all 1,710 bricks you need--especially the important pink nose bits--to construct a life-size and convincing tuxedo kitty. Once fully assembled, you can rotate the cat's head and adjust its ears, paws, and tail. The mouth can be opened, allowing you to create subtle poses for the watchful replica. You can even change its eye color, shifting from standard yellow to piercing blue.

While it's not as good as the real deal, you won't have to worry about your favorite black T-Shirts being covered in fur, cleaning up a litter tray, or the dread of being "gifted" a dead mouse. Your real cat may be jealous of this dapper feline, so you may want to buy a tuxedo for them, too.

It's an exciting week for Lego sets, especially if your tastes lean from cute kitty to the all-seeing gaze of Sauron, maker of the One Ring, renowned disciple of Aulë, and chief agent of Morgoth in the Elder Days. The dark tower known as Barad-Dûr is available to purchase now. The gigantic 32-inch tall structure that can be constructed from over 5,400 pieces.

You can also celebrate two of the best Legend of Zelda games of all time with the Lego Great Deku Tree, a charming set full of nods to the video game franchise. Lego's first Zelda set is available to preorder for $300 and releases in September.

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