New Legends Web site opens

THQ has released new media from the game on its New Legends Web site.


THQ has opened its official New Legends Web site and, in the process, has released new media from the game. New Legends, which will be released exclusively for the Xbox, is a third-person beat-'em-up set in a futuristic China. In the game, five heroes--Sun Soo, Mai Khan, Boo, Fa Zhang, and Topo--must return China to freedom from the grasp of the evil Xao Gon. At their disposal will be a variety of weapons, including ranged weapons such as shotguns and miniguns and hand-to-hand weapons such as the so-called Infinity staff. The game takes the player through a variety of locations around China, Mongolia, and Nepal, including Beijing, Nanjing, and Shinzou.

New Legends is currently on schedule for release alongside the launch of the Xbox console on November 8. For more, visit the official New Legends Web site.

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