New Legends Looking For New Publisher

Infinite Machine's Justin Chin confirms that Infogrames will no longer be publishing the melee action game.


Responding to recent reports that Infogrames has decided not to publish New Legends, Justin Chin stated today that Infinite Machine has been looking for a new publisher since E3, early last month.

Best known as the designer of LucasArts' Jedi Knight, Chin commented on the search for a publisher, "It's a long process, and we've been working hard both to make the game and find a publisher. We did not announce it because we wanted to make our rounds with as little fanfare as possible. Sometimes that kind of publicity can get in the way."

New Legends looked very promising in private demos at E3, earning a place in GameSpot's top ten picks from the show. New Legends is a third-person action game focused on the martial arts prowess of Sun Soo, the son of a provincial ruler deposed by a ruthless tyrant named XaoGon. You must defeat hordes of warriors with a balance of melee and ranged weapons as you move through China on your mission to defeat XaoGon.

You can find screenshots and our E3 impressions of the game linked to the right.

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