New Legend of Zelda 3DS Details Cover Download Play, Number of Stages, More

Less than a month to go before Triforce Heroes arrives.


Ahead of its release next month, Nintendo has announced more details about upcoming 3DS game The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes, the top-down puzzle-solving game and sequel to A Link Between Worlds.

First, Nintendo confirmed that the game will support download play. This allows people who do not own a copy of the game to play it, provided they are on the same local network as a friend who does. IGN reports that download play is available only in the game's three-player campaign mode--not the PvP Coliseum. In addition, people who don't own a copy of the game can create two in-game outfits, but they can only be based on ones designed by the game owner. These outfits, as well as items earned in dungeons, will transfer over if the download play user decides to buy the game.

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Nintendo also confirmed today that Triforce heroes will have 32 total stages that you can play solo (with two AI companions called "Doppels") or with two others through online co-op. Nintendo made a point to mention that your co-op partners don't need to be on your 3DS friends list.

Triforce Heroes will have 36 outfits to collect, each sporting its own unique abilities to help you solve puzzles. Examples provided were the "Goron Garb" (lets Link swim in lava) and "Zora Costume" (allows Link to swim through water faster than usual). The game also includes "Phto Bro" in-game shop where you can post images to Miiverse and also unlock special Miiverse stamps that you can collect.

Even though there are three heroes and numerous costumes to wear, you can't play as a woman in Triforce Heroes, Nintendo announced earlier this year. For a closer look at the game, check out the video above.

Triforce Heroes launches on October 23.

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