New League of Legends Client Being Built to Support Future Riot Titles

Will become the "Riot-level platform."

As part of a comprehensive look at the new features headed to League of Legends this season, GameSpot spoke with Lead Designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street about the game's upcoming revamped client. In the interview, Street explained that the platform is also intended to support future titles released by Riot Games:

"The League client was definitely built with League of Legends in mind, that's our game and that's what we're trying to showcase here. In the future, we also view it as being the Riot-level platform. When we do have multiple games, players will experience them all through this similar platform. Even if your friends are in other games, you'll still be able to have things like chat channels and clubs go across all the games."

No future information is known about what Riot's next title will be, though the company made public postings as far back as 2014 explaining that they were looking to hire to create additional games.

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Travis writes and makes videos about League of Legends, which is a game where 5 people try to crack open a crystal.

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