New Koudelka Movie Download

Ex-Square members show off their first effort in the vein of Resident Evil.


Near the ruin cliffs of Aberystwyth, Wales, lies Nemeton Convent. And this is where an extraordinary treasure is hidden. However, this is also where demons and other dark creatures dwell - at least according to ancient tales. The stories of past monstrosities at Nemeton Convent don't strike enough fear into three travelers - Koudelka Iassant, Edward Blunkett, and Father James O'Flaherty - as they enter the building to seek their fortunes. Controlling these three characters, you'll attempt to unravel the secrets of the Convent... and try to stay alive.

Currently being developed by former members of Square calling themselves Sacnoth, Koudelka shares many similarities with the Resident Evil series. Displaying a very ominous mood, terrific scenery, and astounding CG movies, this is definitely one PlayStation game to keep an eye on this year. The new movie file we have today shows off many of the game's eerie scenes, along with some early character models and CG. The pictures to the side were grabbed from the movie.

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