New Koudelka Details

Sacnoth reveals more details on its highly anticipated Resident Evil-style adventure.


Sacnoth, a company comprised of several former Square employees, has revealed a few new details for its upcoming PlayStation adventure game, Koudelka. Similar in style to Capcom's Resident Evil series, Koudelka is quickly shaping up to be one of the biggest PlayStation games of the year.

Sacnoth has announced that you'll begin the game with a gypsy named Koudelka Iassant, the first character to enter the Nemeton convent. Eventually, you will meet up with the other characters in the convent, like Edward Blunkett and Father James O'Flaherty. Koudelka Iassant will join up with those two to form a party.

The game will also feature a wide assortment of weapons for Koudelka and her fellow party members to use; announced so far are swords, guns, and an axe. Sacnoth has also mentioned that all of Koudelka's dialogue will be in English, with Japanese subtitles. Also, the company plans to span its title over three or four CD-ROMs.

Sacnoth has also revealed that a Koudelka manga (Japanese comic) is coming out in Japan before the game does. Koudelka is currently slated for a fall release in Japan with distribution by SNK. As for a US release, GameSpot News has confirmed with SNK of America that the company is in negotiations to bring the title here later this year.

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