New KOTOR content on Xbox Live

Update from LucasArts brings weapons, aliens, and areas from the PC RPG to the console original.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Players of the Xbox's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic need no longer feel the Dark Side while envying the PC version's extra content. LucasArts has confirmed to GameSpot that it has made most of the weapons, aliens, and items from the PC KOTOR available for download to Xbox Live users.

Though LucasArts gave no indication as to the size of the Xbox Live update, a spokesperson did detail much of its contents. The download will feature Yavin Station, which is the outpost that circles the jungle moon from where the X-Wing armada attacked the Death Star in the first Star Wars film. On board the station, players will encounter the Trandoshans, a reptilian race whose homeworld is in the same system as the Wookie planet Kashyyyk.

Players will be able to purchase a variety of new items, including the Baragwin heavy repeating blaster and the advanced biostabilizer mask, which provides immunity to poison. Also, characters who have undergone Jedi training will be able to pick several new varieties of lightsaber crystals.

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